Colasistencia Extreme Visitor

Built for people who want to visit our beautiful country and enjoy extreme adventures with the best protection possible in order to safely enjoy their visit. We have bilingual employees who understand the importance of communicating in your language, for those moments where things do not go as planned and you need some help.


  • Medical assistance in case of accident
  • Medical assistance in case of illness
  • Ambulatory medications
  • Daily rent per hospitalization due to accident
  • Nurse at home in case of accident
  • Dental expenses in case of an accident
  • Initial care for preexisting diseases (emergency consultation)
  • Hotel costs for convalescence due to an accident
  • Medical transfers in case of accident (up to limit of expenses)


  • Transfer and stay of a chaperone in the event of an accident
  • Transfer and stay of a chaperone in the event of accidental death


  • Compensation for total and permanent accidental disability or accidental dismemberment (invalidity or dismemberment is excluded in air, land, sea and river transportation.)
  • Compensation for disability or accidental dismemberment in air, land, sea and river transport.
  • Complementary compensation for loss of luggage in air transport
  • Remuneration for document theft


  • Funeral expatriation.
  • Assistance in loss of luggage and documents.